because of the public holiday on May 21), students should inform themself about their examination via C@MPUS from Monday, May 04. Exceptions are only possible e.g. If you have any questions, the "Taskforce Digital Teaching" can be contacted via e-mail. the study operation is suspended until May 10, 2020; however, it will be continued in the digital formats that have been running since 20 April. Examination reviews are currently permitted up to a maximum group size of 20 persons (including employees), provided that they take place in a sufficiently large room and that compliance with the hygiene and distance regulations of the hygiene concept is ensured. ... eingeleitete Sofortmaßnahmen der Universität Stuttgart hier finden Sie auch das aktuell verabschiedete Hygienekonzept der Uni … Nevertheless, the days off should be used for rest and relaxation - even in these times we should try to simply switch off for a certain time (as far as this is possible). Due to the current developments regarding the corona virus, the university sports program including all sub-areas (fitness and weight room, events, childcare during holidays, etc.) Please read the detailed information in the FAQs about the replacement dates of the cancelled examinations and who may take part in the replacement examinations. How can I recognize a potential infection? As already indicated, the state government has updated the CoronaVO BW [de] and the CoronaVO University Operations from the Ministry of Science [de]. Business trips are currently not permitted to a region or a country where a travel warning has been issued by the foreign office and where you must go into quarantine for two weeks upon your return. Technical alternatives, such as telephone or video conference must be used wherever possible. Oktober 2020. All employees and students can read and gather questions, ideas, answers and help in problem solving on the subject of digital teaching. Enrollment takes place via Online-Workflow. How corona infection protection measures can be implemented free of barriers is explained in the document of the Deutsches Studentenwerk. Currently you can do all this via email or online. The affected institute/facility must prepare an acceptance arrangement. The University has drafted a comprehensive hygiene concept that serves to protect the health of all employees under the conditions of the pandemic: Hygiene concept Collection form for contact data Checklist for teachers for classroom lessons. The test can be taken five days after the arrival in Germany at the earliest. How can I sign and send documents to the authorities? Please make sure your mailbox is clearly labelled with your full name! It should also be possible to take annual leave in 2021 in the current difficult situation. What about the continuing education courses for employees? April 2020! The affected Institute for Manufacturing Technologies of Ceramic Components and Composites (IFKB) at Allmandring 7b will not be occupied for the next two weeks due to the corona case. The enrollment will presumably be possible until November 30. The distribution of these masks to the facilities and institutes is currently being organized; the delivery to the various facilities will take place next week based on recommendations of the Safety Department. Richtlinie für Bewirtungs- und Repräsentationsausgaben der Universität Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart’s hygiene concept. The current corona regulations can be found on the City of Stuttgart’s corona webpages. The Ministry of Science has already informed the university that a further suspension of university operations beyond this date is to be expected. The updated Corona guidelines for for study programs in summer semester 2020 (Version 2.2) have new information on examination reviews. In this case, the state opens up an extension option for employees who, due to official reasons and in connection with the pandemic, cannot be granted sufficient leave or for whom leave already granted had to be revoked by the department. Set groups of up to 35 people may be formed to allow on-site teaching. Here are the, Regulation of the Federal State Government of Baden-Württemberg, Guidelines from the Ministry of Science BW, October 30, 3 p.m.: No in-person events as of November 2, October 29, 4:45 p.m.: Presence teaching at the start of the 2020/21 winter semester will probably be very limited, and "Declaration of the absence of suspicion of an infection with the coronavirus for examinations and courses", April 1, 5:15 p.m.: Replacement dates for cancelled examinations & note on re-registration, March 25, 5:15 p.m.: New information for employees, March 17, 5 p.m.: New domestic isolation rules for employees who have returned from certain countries, Background information and FAQs on the coronavirus, Various information in different languages, Translation of the live blog. We offer support and guidance on formalities for newly arrived international students: Every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. Detailed instructions on how Webex works, how to create meetings and how users can participate without prior installation can be found on this TIK website on Webex [de]. The Ministry of Science has already informed the university, that it is expected that the ban on onsite teaching will be extended once more after the Christmas holidays. Your student ID will be sent out via postal mail, but only to a German address. The application procedure for the winter semester 2020/21 for all B.Sc. For moving in it is necessary that you have made an appointment with the caretaker. Support Benutzerberatung Therefore ILIAS and Cisco Webex are preferably used as scalable main online tools. Due to the unspecific symptomatic, it can be difficult to determine whether the illness is the corona virus, or another illness (for example, the flu). Regardless of the need for childcare, the university has adjusted the leave of absence options for employees. International students can contact the International Office if they have questions regarding their residence permit. Stuttgart is currently classed as being in the so-called “intervention phase”. If there are any doubts, additional confirmation must be gathered and documented (e.g. More information about this and the requirements for unenrollment can be fund on our webpage about refund and fees under the title refunds in the case of immediate unenrollment. Dear international students, Welcome to the University of Stuttgart. At the University of Stuttgart, too, there is a growing demand for more disinfectants and rubber gloves. International students and prospective international students can inform themselves on the general situation there. If this is the case, the usual rules apply and you will need a doctor's note from the pediatrician. There will be an ILIAS course for all courses. November 2020 – 13. And please send us as many documents as possible either by post or, if possible, scanned by e-mail. The 2020 summer semester took place online for all students. To protect against the spread of the corona virus, there is a general ban on people entering the building. The Technical Services for Information and Communication (TIK) is making various interactive forums available in ILIAS, where teachers, students and employees can exchange views on all subjects relating to digital teaching. An information for the international students and employees of the University of Stuttgart: The city administration of Stuttgart has closed the Foreigners' Registration Office with immediate effect. All students who are enrolled on a study program where the examination regulations specify a maximum study period, will also be given an extension, extending the maximum study period by one semester. Consulting Training Tools and Services Projects You need to write something about research data management in a project proposal? In this case, Division 6 will inform third parties (e.g. It will be published on the homepage of the University of Stuttgart. Instructions: How to start Webex as a host. table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona". There has been decided to postpone the alternative examinations for one week. The current version of the Corona Ordinance of the state Baden-Württemberg and the University of Stuttgart’s hygiene concept are an important part of any decisions made about work-related events that take place outside of the university premises. Is my conditional offer still valid? On April 15, 2020, the German Federal Government and state governments decided that schools and childcare facilities will remain closed beyond April 19, 2020. Due to the cancellation of examinations, I am no longer able to meet the requirements for the "free shot" regulations on time. In preparation for the summer semester 2020 with digital teaching, teaching staff at the University of Stuttgart can now book lecture halls and record their lectures. As soon as we will receive specific information from the state government, we will inform you on our Corona website. Due to the corona restrictions many non-EU nationals cannot enter Germany. As the university has already announced, the suspension of onsite university operations has been extended. Compensation may also be claimed by the day, applicable to single days where childcare is necessary. Extended flexitime regulations will follow shortly. In some circumstances, it is now possible to take leave until April 19. university sports facilities, gyms of the city, external courses and excursions. Jointly!" What do I have to do if I have the coronavirus? If private travel does not meet the criteria for the abovenamed exemption rules, then you must clarify with your supervisor in advance that not only the holiday/leave of absence is approved, but also a period of leave for the quarantine afterwards. Da diese Jobs seit Ausbruch der Corona … Online courses of the The Language Center, Meetings, gatherings, use of office rooms, Corona Ordinance of the state Baden-Württemberg, Richtlinie für Bewirtungs- und Repräsentationsausgaben der Universität Stuttgart [de]. Corona: Two professors from the University of Stuttgart have been appointed to the Aerosols Group of Experts. will be permitted for individuals or for groups of maximum five people and subject to strict hygiene regulations and the contact restrictions specified by the Robert-Koch-institut. Oktober 2020 The contract must be also be sent simultaneously by post. The university is trying to adjust optimally to the current situation, which is likely to change frequently in the future. The new regulations for assuming budgetary responsibilities can also be applied to the signatures on the travel expense forms. If employees still have to look after their children themselves because no other childcare facilities are available, employees may use overtime and remaining holidays, if available. Recommendations from the Federal Center for Health Education, recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education for educational institutions. In order to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, the, Internal meeting, events or similar at the University of Stuttgart are, The university library and the faculty and institute libraries of the University of Stuttgart will remain closed to the public until April 19, 2020. By the way: You can enter search terms in the search line above the FAQs and thus search all questions and answers. table “Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona, Recommendations if you have, or suspect you have, corona. The libraries and archives are closed from 16.12.2020 to 10.01.2020, this also includes library lending services. The following are new FAQs for students and perspective students on the topics: For employees and students the University of Stuttgart has set up an area for digital teaching in ILIAS [de] for the summer semester 2020. In this extraordinary situation, in your and our interest temporarily we will avoid original documents in many cases. Any kind of (face-to-face) classroom event is prohibited until April 19, 2020! The deadline for passing the mid-degree examination for undergraduate study programs has been extended by one semester for all students. In cases where a paper application or contract is required, a photo or PDF is currently acceptable. If the University of Stuttgart has already paid for the trip, then the refund must be paid to the University of Stuttgart. The state’s Public Health Department has calculated a 7-day incidence of around 80 for the state capital. Please inform yourself about extra regulations in your student dormitory. It is expected that the examinations organized centrally by the Examination Office are to be held between May 4 and 22, 2020. Therefore, we ask you to use the existing masks sparingly and to note that organizational measures (such as ensuring sufficient safety distances) and technical measures (such as workplace design, home office) must be checked before personal measures are taken. It is only necessary to quarantine for a limited period after first testing negative on returning home. couldn't be refunded. If you struggle to pay the rent please contact your landlord to discuss a payment plan. Are you looking for information in English about the current political situation in Germany due to the corona virus? Due to the corona situation, I am unable to begin my studies, or am unable to continue studying. What does this mean? download section on the Hygiene Concept website, guidelines for carrying out in-person courses. And you may be referred for further treatment where necessary. If you are interested in cultural programs  you might find the following links interesting: Staying healthy by eating well and doing exercises is very important while you stay at home. Registration lists must be drawn up for visitors. This also applies to those employees who live with someone in the high-risk group. Die Schließung soll zunächst … The Committee for Student Affairs and Teaching can delegate this decision – either fully or in part – to the Divisional Director.If the practical teaching session is offered as part of a number of different study programs, and the responsible Committees for Student Affairs and Teaching are unable to agree, the Divisional Director of the faculty is responsible for deciding which committee is responsible for the module in question. Die TIK is making various interactive forums available in ILIAS, where teachers, students and employees can exchange views on all subjects relating to digital teaching. For more information regarding our orientation program, the schedule for the first days and the registration for the events, please visit our website. Ausnahmen gibt es aber an der Uni Stuttgart und an der … What is your study program? Among other things, these explain what to do in case of a corona infection and how to use the washing machines. Groups of up to 20 people are now permitted for particular events and lectures. Please also mind our entry and quarantine restrictions. And when must I stay at home? Please inform yourself about the person in charge and send an e-mail to the responsible colleague. Case study 1:A colleague of your wife/partner/housemate is infected with the corona virus. However, social distancing rules and contact rules must be complied with. Must I submit my application for exceptional circumstances, or exemption from fees for international students or for a second study program, in paper form, together with certified copies (or the original documents with a copy) of the necessary documentation? 1 a Infection Protection Law (IfSG) for civil servants and employees that fall under a collective wage agreement in Baden-Wurttemberg from 27.05.2020 (reference number: 13-5420/31/7). Partner Institutions. The examiners themselves are generally responsible for extending the deadlines for term papers or seminar papers, unless the examination regulations state that the Head of the Examination Committee is responsible. If you have any further questions, please contact the relevant BaföG office. If you want to study with less stress or optimize your learning techniques, take advantage of the learning counseling services. The duration of the mandatory 14-day quarantine for those traveling to Germany can be shortened if you take a test 6 days after returning. Employment contracts can – in urgent cases – be sent via email. Instructors will find handouts, risk assessments and tips on conducting classroom courses in the download section on the Hygiene Concept website. The Corona Guideline BW state that the participation in permitted university events, including taking exams and preparing for exams, are only considered to be a good reason to leave the house between 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. A link to the current version of the Corona Guideline BW and the Corona Guidelines for University Operations MWK has been posted in the corona newsfeed. If a flight was booked and cannot be cancelled – for example with Eurowings – we recommend the following: 1. From the ministry's perspective, these include in particular examinations, laboratory internships and practical training components. For students studying a bachelor’s study program at the University of Stuttgart, who also wish to enroll for a master’s study program at the University of Stuttgart, the number of preferable master's modules regulated in the bachelor's examination regulations will be increased. The Rectorate has decided to extend the validity period of the University of Stuttgart’s Corona Guidelines from 23.06.2020 (version 1.6) until further notice, or until maximum September 30, 2020 (end of the summer semester 2020). The novel corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) is keeping us all on edge. The recotrate of the University of Stuttgart decided the following: The Rectorate of the University has approved the updated version 1.2 of the Corona guidelines for study programs in summer semester 2020. These employees shall be given priority for teleworking or mobile work, as far as this is possible in the workplace. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The foreign registration office will inform you how to proceed. 2. Detailed information about the new opening hours and what to look for when visiting the UB can be found in the FAQs about the University Library. The new rule is temporary and applies until November 30, 2020. This will be decided by the supervisor on an individual basis. 1a IfSG. The Personnel and Legal Affairs Department does not currently need to be involved. In accordance with these documents, business trips and on-site events such as meetings must be reduced to an absolute minimum. Die Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart informiert. signedWolfram Ressel, RectorHansgeorg Binz, Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing EducationJan Gerken, Chancellor, There are two exemptions to rules regarding private travel to high-risk areas abroad: for people who spend less than 48 hours abroad in a high-risk area, and for people who travel because it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise the mail does not get delivered. head of the Department of Personnel and Legal Affairs. The University Library continually updates this website. I'm currently in Germany and I applied for an extension of my residence permit before the lockdown but have not received it yet. Current information about the current use of the University Library can also be found on the website of the University and on the University Library blog [de]. "We take care of each other", is how Jan Gerken, chancellor at the University of Stuttgart, characterizes how students, researchers and employees are dealing with the corona risks in the winter semester 2020/21. The procedure for claiming for travel preparations and cancellation fees is basically the same as for business trips that have been completed: This also applies for the travel expenses of guests, scholarship holders and students, whose trips are funded by the University of Stuttgart. According to the Corona decree of the state government, all cancelled examinations must be made up for during the summer semester. If it is not possible for an office space to be used by just one person, a distance of three meters between people must be maintained, and the current hygiene regulations must also be adhered to at all times. practice events that require special laboratory or work rooms are only possible under special protective measures if they are absolutely necessary. The previously open libraries, learning rooms and PC pools will remain open. During the actual corona situation, the best way to reach the FoKUS team is by E-Mail ( The University of Stuttgart does not have any information when visa applications will be possible again. Due to the fact that infection prevention regulations cannot be complied with in the case of examinations involving a large number of participants, viewings of graded exams with a group size of more than 20 persons are still not possible. Yes. Students who have registered for an examination may only participate if none of the above points apply to them, and to whom the access ban does thus not apply. Sports courses can only be held online in November. Options for taking a leave of absence in the current situation are listed below: 1. If it is not possible for those in the high-risk group to work from home, employees must use any overtime and the university’s general regulations pertaining to working hours apply. Lesen Sie jetzt „Wieder Corona in Wolfsburg: Arnold und Roussillon positiv“. The extended working hours, in particular the marginal hours including Saturdays, can be used. You will receive the documents by post and that might take some time. In special cases, international students can apply to be exempted from the tuition fees of EUR 1.500. This is stated in legal notices issued by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Finance of Baden-Württemberg. The usual rules for civil servants still apply if your child is ill and you are unable to work at the university for that reason. they have a job where they must be on-site and cannot work from home and are therefore essential. ", Advice from the Occupational Medical and Health Service, Current information by the Federal Government, Statement by Chancellor Angela Merkel from the German government, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs [de], State Health Office of Baden-Württemberg [de], DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) [de]. refectories and cafeterias will remain closed until May 10, 2020. all events and gatherings of more than five persons each are prohibited in buildings and on the university premises until May 10, 2020. With this, the University is concretizing the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Accordingly, the current practice of granting special leave with no childcare allowance for civil servants will be discontinued. Payment of the fees is a prerequisite for enrolling in summer semester 2020. Of course, you can still reach us with your concerns. As a result, all buildings can only be entered by employees via the access points, which can be opened using a night-door key and electronic identification media (transponder, ECUS badge) with appropriately configured locking authorisation. The University of Stuttgart’s Code of Practice from December 18, 2006, altered with statutes from April 9, 2020, applies to the habilitation process. Please refer to the Campus Management System C@MPUS for information on examination dates and examination requirements. In order to keep on track with the formalities you need to take care off we kindly ask you to check our website regarding first steps in Stuttgart and to also check out our Welcome Guide. Business trips, meetings, and conventions, Access to the university buildings by persons not affiliated with the university, Information about infection prevention measures - including the new annex ", Lecture period: November 02, 2020 - February 13, 2021, Introductory events for new students: October 26, 2020 – October 30, 2020, The Christmas break has not changed. School internship semesters already in progress are permitted, provided the schools are still open. The university management has put the decree of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science and Research of March 11 into concrete terms. The following rules apply: If the relevant practical teaching session has not been approved by the rectorate for the winter semester 2020/21, the decision about whether practical teaching events can be conducted or not, in accordance the diagram above, must be made by the Committee for Student Affairs and Teaching upon request from the lecturer. Up to and including May 31, 2020, there will be no classroom courses in University sports. The heads of the examination committees are responsible for decisions pertaining to deadline extensions for bachelor’s or master’s theses, coursework or research projects. As there are several restrictions in Germany right now and it is hard to find information in English, we have collected some helpful links for you: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. The individual standard study period also applies to students who have taken a leave of absence during the summer semester 2020. Details of the conditions, the necessary documents and the application forms can be found on the tuition fees web pages. ... We offer counseling for all students (including prospective students) of the University of Stuttgart with chronic diseases. These nonrefundable costs can be claimed by submitting the relevant proof and a travel expenses form. There you can write down, collect and read questions, ideas, answers and solutions on the topic of digital teaching. It will end on February 13, 2021, There will be an examination period of 8 weeks during the semester break. The guidelines are intended to make it possible to study at our university, whilst also adhering to epidemiological safety regulations. Further information can be found in the university's emergency measures. Compensation in accordance with § 56 para. You should be aware of the following symptoms: All members of the University of Stuttgart are called upon to follow the recommendations of the Federal Centre for Health Education for educational institutions [de]. There are updated FAQs for employees on special paid leave for parents who need to care for their children (Kinderbetreuungsbedarf), leave rules, protective masks, occupational health and safety standards, and closure of buildings. We offer IT-Services for all members of the University of Stuttgart. If it is not possible for an office space to be used by just one person, a distance of three meters between people must be maintained, and the current hygiene regulations must also be adhered to at all times. To schedule an appointment please write to If you are interested in our online roundtable series, where we want to play different online games together, you can send an e-mail. International students will find information concerning residence permits, financial support, contact persons, social activities and sports. Wintersemester 2020/21. Especially for international students the team of the International Office has created a Corona webpage. If the coronavirus situation in the destination country or region deteriorates during a traveler’s stay and it is only classified as a high-risk area after their arrival, the traveler would also be obligated to quarantine. Topics include: Further information on financing possibilities in the Corona crisis such as emergency funds and bridging assistance can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk [de].

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